Getting the word out to Columbus about the gifts and talents of our Christian Brothers and Sisters!


Generate excitement

As a unique function of The SHARE Mission, we bring our established network of partnerships together to help get the word out about YOU... the creatively talented and hardworking Christ followers of Columbus.

Whether you're a singer or dancer, a painter, a writer, mime or musician, if God has gifted you with a unique way to reveal His Kingdom, let us help you spread the word around town about what you can do.  You provide the skill, we'll provide some publicity... for free!


How it works?

Regardless if you're scheduled at a huge venue, a local coffee shop, or have a small business, The SHARE Mission knows that our gifts can pierce the supernatural like nothing else.  

But, people can't know about your skills if they're not in the know about them.  So free publicity is just a click away.  For more info, be sure to click the link below.

Sweet Smelling Savour, LLC

The Megaphone interview with Demayl Powell, Founder of Sweet Smelling Savour,LLC.

Learn all about the unique handmade healing balms, linen sprays, vent scents, soy candles and much more!