Who is The SHARE Mission?

Why is The SHARE Mission needed?

Why is The SHARE Mission needed?

"When the saints show up, something always changes!"

The SHARE Mission is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation serving as the Kingdom clearinghouse of shared resources, ideas, projects, and events for Columbus, Ohio and beyond.  

As unified saints we focus to serve our city with well-planned mission trips throughout the year while never leaving the Columbus area.  In short, we are missionaries to our own backyard.

The physical body has many parts and they each have their own purpose and abilities.  Likewise, The SHARE Mission is a collection of local saints each with their own gifts and callings, but now unified together as Christ's Body sharing the mission of sharing Jesus to our area.

The servants of The SHARE Mission seek to join forces to 'ebb and flow' throughout the year to make a greater -  and more efficient - Kingdom impact... one heart changed by Christ at a time.


Why is The SHARE Mission needed?

Why is The SHARE Mission needed?

Why is The SHARE Mission needed?

"Serve until the God in you is satisfied, then do just a little bit more."

For years, local churches have been doing great things as they carry out their individual callings with self-made events and outreaches.  

With The SHARE Mission, now networked churches have pooled together our volunteers, events, and resources for coordinated outreaches throughout the entire year.


As a result, we eliminate the common "one and done" and "I served" check boxes to instead better create a lifestyle of serving and a culture for saints to share Jesus.

The SHARE Mission fully believes we all can fall more in love with Jesus by serving with Him... and we invite you to join us!


What does The SHARE Mission do?

Why is The SHARE Mission needed?

What does The SHARE Mission do?

"None of us is as good as all of us."**

As members of THE ONE Church of Columbus, we have a calling upon us.  As such we should seek to share Jesus locally with every heart we meet.  The mission field truly exists right outside our own front doors as we don't need go across the globe to make a Kingdom impact.  Let's better love the one in front of us, "because this is our city and we are responsible for it."*

The SHARE Mission invites you to join our network of Jesus-centered churches and organizations serving uniquely together as the Body of Christ.

Don't wait, contact The SHARE Mission today to see how we can partner together to be His blessing to Columbus... and beyond.

*Quote by Bill Johnson, Lead Pastor of Bethel Church Redding, CA.

**Quote by Ray Kroc, American businessman